2PM-6PM - Reception

2:15PM - Welcome and Introductions, Welcome Remarks, VIPS and Government Officials

2:00PM-4:15PM - Panel One Discussion

4:25-5:35PM - Panel Two Discussion

5:45PM-7:30PM - 2017 LASC Awards + Reception, VIPS and Government Officials

7:30PM - Program Ends

Panel One Discussion: Statewide and Orange County Infrastructure Forecast Challenges, Integration and Solutions Panel

  • Jeanet Owens, Sr. Executive Program Management/Regional Rail, METRO
  • Michael A. Kraman, Chief Executive Officer, Transportation Corridor Agencies                 
  • Ken Phipps,  Deputy CEO, Orange County Transportation Authority
  • Shirley Choate, Deputy District 7, Director, Caltrans & Metro Board Member
  • Jeff Morales, CEO California High Speed Rail Authority                                                                                                   

Panel Two Discussion: Los Angeles Future Infrastructure: Challenges, Integration and Solutions Panel, Operations, Future Trends and Forecast

  • Rick Clarke, Chief Program Management, METRO
  • Roger Johnson, Deputy Executive Director, LAWA
  • Abdollah Ansari, Sr. Executive Officer Construction & Engineering, METRO
  • Samatha Bricker, Deputy Executive Director Planning & Development Group, LAWA
  • Cynthia Guidry, Deputy Executive Director Planning & Development Group, LAWA

The 2017 Los Angeles Sustainability Awards

  • Gary Lee Moore City of Los Angeles, 2017 LA Sustainability Award 
  • Dr. Cris Liban, METRO, 2017 LA Sustainability Award 
  • Dr. Joshua Schanks, 2017 Sustainability Innovation Award
  • Carolyn Flowers, Lifetime Achievement Public Service Award
  • Will Kempton, 2017 Distinguished Public Service Award