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We are shaping the Future Now!

We at Los Angeles Sustainability Coalition are very excited about the upcoming transit programs and projects. California is making history with all the new projected public sector projects.

This has been one of LASC most successful year.  All the forums have been sold-out and everyone loved the new format.  We have invited Transit Executives, Government Official and Industry Leaders to open discussions, share new ideas and create new innovative solutions on how to improve Los Angeles County.  

We have invited the following list of Public Agency’s Executives:

  • Phil Washington, CEO, Metro
  • Councilman Herb Wesson, President Los Angeles City Council,
  • Councilman Curren Price, Los Angeles City Council
  • Gary Lee Moore, City Engineer, City of Los Angeles Engineer,
  • Joel Jacinto, City of LA Public Works Commissioner
  • Dave Perry, Deputy Supervisor Kathryn Barger
  • Ray Tellis, Director, FTA
  • Shirley Choate, Chief Deputy District 7, Caltrans
  • Samantha Bricker, Deputy Executive Director Project Development & Coordination
  • Charles Beauvoir, Executive Officer Transit Project Delivery, Metro
  • Jeanet Owens, Senior Executive Officer, Project Management & Regional Rail, Metro
  • Abdollah Ansari, Senior Executive Officer, Highway Programs, Metro
  • Tim Lindholm, Executive Officer, Program Management Capital Projects, Metro
  • Cris Liban, Executive Officer, Program Management Environmental Compliance & Sustainability

This is great way to start 2018 year with each Public Agencies sharing information about 2018.

There are less than 50 people participating in this reception. We want to provide the maximum exchange of information from all the participants. The reception will provide a relaxed atmosphere to share and open dialogue. Drinks and Appetizers will be served.  Lets bring in the Holidays exploring majors challenges, cost saving, strategies, program development, cost -efficient resources and top transit priorities.  

2017 LASC has been honored to showcase California’s largest Public Agencies Executives to the nation.  Phil Washington, Metro’s CEO,  LA Supervisor Kathryn Barger, Congresswoman Judy Chu, LA Councilman Curren Price,  LA City Public Works Commissioner’s Joel Jacinto,  OCTA’s Ken Phipps, Deputy Chief Executive Officer,  Caltrans’ Shirley Choate, Chief Deputy District 7 Director, Metro’s Rick Clarke’ Chief Program Management Officer, Metro’s Abdollah Ansari, Senior Executive Officer, Metro Highway Program, Metro’s Jeanet Owens, Senior Executive Officer, Project Management  and Regional Rail, Metrolink’s Roderick Diaz, Director of Planning and Development, LAWA’s Roger Johnson, Program Executive, Automated People Mover, ,LAWA’s Deputy Executive Director for Project Development & Coordination, Cynthia Guidry, Deputy Executive Director LAWA and Habib F. Balian, CEO, Foothill Gold line Construction Authority.